Here’s what some of our users had to say:

Love by Scarletroselyn
I have had other apps like this but it is my favorite. I like that it updates more often than others and has fun new stickers that other apps didn’t have. There are so many backgrounds to choose I have had the app for like 6 months and still find I haven’t used a lot that are really cool!

Oh snap! by Slovakmonkey
“Snap Collage is probably one of my favorite and most used apps on my phone. I’m a photographer, and using Snap Collage makes it easy to give beautiful overviews to my clients before giving them their proofs. It’s fun and easy to use, and there are a lot of different options to make your collages unique! So much fun! I give it not just 2 thumbs up, but all the thumbs!”

AMAZING!! by Kemtoo
“I use this app way more than I thought I would! It’s a ton of fun just to play around with! I’m never going to delete it, it’s by far the best collage app I’ve found!”

I loved it!!! by We the canada kanaka 1953
“The reason why I love Snap Photo Collage is because they’re allowing me to put more pics per collage. I’m very lucky!!!”

In love by DerpFace08
“I use a lot of apps to make my photography and my drawings just the way I want to – I use Snap Collage the most and it is just amazing. I have so many collages and a lot of things I’ve made for my friends.. It’s so fun and simple – it’s honestly my favorite app.”